fla|bel|li|form «fluh BEHL uh frm», adjective.
= flabellate. (Cf.flabellate)

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  • fla|bel|lum — «fluh BEHL uhm», noun, plural bel|la « BEHL uh». 1. a fan shaped part. 2. a fan, especially one used for some ecclesiastical purpose, as the large fans borne before the Pope in certain ceremonies. ╂[< Latin flābellum (diminutive) < flābrum… …   Useful english dictionary

  • fla|bel|late — «fluh BEHL iht, ayt», adjective. Botany, Zoology. fan shaped; flabelliform. ╂[< Latin flābellum a fan + English ate1] …   Useful english dictionary

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